It’s Fall Y’all!

Fall is one of my favorite times of year. Hot cocoa season. Apple picking season. Boot wearing season. Scarf wearing season. Fall colors season. No bugs season. What’s not to love?

Every Friday in October I will be releasing a new fall design on my facebook page with a special one day only price. If you’re on my Insider Email List, you can also use your discount!

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Beaded Necklaces

The simplicity of these necklaces can dress up your casual wardrobe and add a sparkle for homecoming, weddings, or holiday parties. The beads are uniquely crocheted together to make them stand out. Choose from a variety of colors or special order your favorite.

Made to order. Shop now on Etsy!

Cotton Crochet Heart Scrubby

A Little Spa Luxury

No calories! Whether you’re spoiling yourself or giving the gift of pampering, these made to order heart-shaped scrubbies are eco-friendly and re-usable. Washing, cleansing, removing makeup, the more they are used, the softer they get!

Available in White or Ivory. Get yours now!

Crochet Headband Collection

2020 Winter Headband Collection

It’s here! The Winter Collection is live on Etsy! Headbands are a must-have winter accessory. They are warm and simple to wear. Headbands make messy hair days cute and cute hair days rock. A variety of colors to choose from, including the 2020 color of the year: blue.

Made to order. Shop now on Etsy!